Red Cheetah Yoga began as a yoga service company specializing in yoga for athletes back in 2010.

Committed to growth and transformation through the medium of yoga, the team here at Red Cheetah Yoga has made a bold choice: to open a power yoga studio in the heart of South Miami.

Don’t worry: our yoga for athletes model is here to stay!  We will still take our teachers out to you and teach you our special sequence our athletes love and adore so much; and 2019 is our year to grow and shine!

A note from our fearless Cheetah Coalition leader, owner, and founder, Nikki McGowan:

Yoga to me is transformation and inspiration.  Yoga is the driving force of change on our planet, and everyone has access to doing yoga.  Just like the great Krishnamacharya said, if you can breathe, you can do yoga.

It is with this looking that I have chosen to open a power yoga studio here in Miami, with the intention of making it a Baptiste Power Yoga Affiliate within it’s first year.  The energy, life and sense of celebration for living itself that is associated with Baptiste Yoga is how I live my life, and with the absence of a Baptiste affiliate these last five years I feel that Miami has suffered as a result.

So it is my commitment to the greater community of Miami to bring back the MAGIC that is Baptiste Power Yoga and instill a sense of wonder, commitment, passion, and grace back into our amazing city!  I am so grateful to be able to call Miami home for over a decade, and I feel like this brand new studio is my THANK YOU to this city that has brought me so much joy and transformation.

It is my commitment to continue on the tradition of transformation that Baptiste Yoga has brought to the world, and to bring it there with the uniqueness that is Red Cheetah Yoga itself.


Red Cheetah Yoga is more than just a brand, it’s more than just an entity.  It is an essence, a message, and it’s on a mission.  Red Cheetah Yoga is YOU and it’s a clearing to allow you to be exactly who you are as you are in this moment.  

It is our commitment at Red Cheetah Yoga to lead you into your greatest life ever, your greatest version of yourself ever, and to live the created and inspired life you are meant to live.

 To be a larger part of the Red Cheetah Yoga Coalition, head to and donate to the opening of this amazing studio vision.  The Red Cheetah Yoga studio will be a hub of transformation, inspiration, and leadership where YOU will get your chance to SHINE!

 Be sure to check our schedule for yoga for athletes classes around Miami and jump into a class with us!